Guild Update: Group Grievance etc.

Update on Group Grievance (Training Office):
Today, we met with Management to discuss our group grievance over management’s elimination of the Librarian III position in the Training Office. We (again) stated our position: that the removal of the L3 position downgrades the training office, sends the wrong message about the importance of training, and negatively impacts all librarians in their training and promotional opportunities.

Management asserted that the L3 position, itself, has not been eliminated–just reassigned to the Engagement and Learning Division (though not focused on training). Furthermore, they stated that the Senior Librarian in the Training Office (Gloria Grover) should assign training to the other Librarian III’s in the system.

We provided several examples of extensive projects that the Training Office’s former Librarian III completed, and pointed out several projects coming down the pipeline that would be extremely challenging to unload onto unsuspecting Librarian III’s in the branches and departments. We are thankful that Gloria provided these details at the meeting.

Management made note of this information and has twenty business days to provide a response. We will keep you posted.

By the way, we appreciate all the encouraging feedback we have received from you about this very issue.

Safety and Security at Central Library’s Computer Center:
We also requested that Management give serious consideration to authorizing around the clock security at Central Library’s Computer Center on Lower Level 3 due to ongoing safety concerns.  Recently, a violent patron damaged equipment, verbally abused staff, and injured security officers in the ensuing struggle.

Next Transfer Sheet:
We asked HR about plans for a transfer sheet at the end of January, and they communicated that there have been delays in the interview and hiring process for the Administrative Clerks. To be fair, the delays are not really coming from HR–problems always occur when arranging for large groups of people to interview, etc. So, the next transfer sheet will occur in February. February will also see the interview and promotional process for new Senior Librarians.


Henry and Roy

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