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May Day March

Dear Librarians,

Just a reminder: the May Day march is fast approaching. The Librarians’ Guild will be there, and we are encouraging as many members as possible to participate.

Since we sent the first EMAIL about this, we have received many questions. Please read this entire email carefully, especially for instructions on how to be reimbursed for any lost time if you are unable to take VC.

If you read the following and you still have questions, please call Henry Gambill (310) 460-8270. I will do my best to help you in any way.

When: Monday, May 1, 2017 at 11 am.
Where11 am at MacArthur Park. 

MEET UP with AFSCME and the Librarians Guild at the start of the march (MacArthur Park at 11am), along the route (from 12pm along Wilshire Blvd), or at the Final Rally at City Hall/Grand Park at 1:30pm.

When heading to the march, or when at the march, check the Facebook page of the Librarians’ Guild AFSME 2626 for live updates and help.

Instructions for participation by Librarians’ Guild members:

1) ASK FOR THE DAY OFF, either as a requested day off, a vacation day, a Leave with Permission (LW) or a voluntary furlough day (WF), using proper procedures (do this at least two weeks in advance, deadline April 17).  The Guild’s Executive Board has voted to reimburse Guild members who march with the Guild for Lost Time if you do not have vacation time available. Please read this  and email Guild Treasurer Kian Daizadeh at regarding procedures for reimbursement of lost time BEFORE you lose time.

Note: Supervisors may request a substitute for an employee who takes VC or LW, but a substitute may not be requested when an employee takes a WF.  

2) WEAR an AFSCME shirt.  To get a free shirt from us, email with your size, your name, and your work unit.

3) Check in with Henry Gambill, Roy Stone, Kian Daizadeh or Lisa Palombi at the march if you are applying for Lost Time reimbursement. Remember: You must march with the Guild to be reimbursed by the Guild for lost time.

For more information, including a map, go here: 

Another website is: that lists many ways to participate, a route map, and flyer and other graphics for download. There is also a Facebook Event Page you can share that can be found here:

Why are We Marching:

The following is an official statement drafted by the Political Action Committee and approved by Guild members at the March Membership Meeting:

We, the Librarians’ Guild (AFSCME Local 2626), are one of many groups of librarians, unions, and civil rights organizations across the nation who have committed to mobilizing people, information, and resources to resist the undemocratic actions of the current administration.

We resolve to support the upcoming May Day #ResistLosAngeles March (also known as a Day Without an Immigrant and General Strike 2017) that will be held on Monday, May 1, 2017, in Los Angeles and cities across the nation.

We commit to having a visible presence at the May Day March, and we call upon all unions and labor organizations to do the same.

We reaffirm our commitment to intellectual freedom, to advocacy for the privacy of our users, and to the foundational values of librarianship that support a free democracy.

We call upon our government representatives and our patrons to join us in defending cultural institutions, fact-based discourse, and the right to gather and protest.

We urge you to protect all libraries, the arts, the humanities, and the press, from funding cuts and censorship.

Political Action Committee Meeting

Political Action Committee Meeting
Friday, April 21; dinner and networking starts at 6pm, business starts at 7pm
Silver Lake Branch, 2411 Glendale Blvd, LA 90039
Join the Political Action Committee for a planning meeting for the upcoming May 1 #Resist March. We will make signs, banners, and buttons for our first big event!
Please rsvp to by April 20, so we can plan dinner accordingly.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Presentation Links 

by Jeff Sargeant–Health, Safety and Welfare Chair
Presentation at 3/25/17 Membership Meeting

Jeff’s Presentation Slideshow: 


All the official info on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program: 


To find out what type of loans you have: 

* National Student Loan Data System –

Information on Direct Consolidation Loans: 


Info on Income-Driven Repayment plans, and application to change plan: 


Find the Federal Poverty Values at: 


Student Loan Payment Estimator for each of the repayment plans: 


Employment Certification Form: 


* Pre-filled with LAPL info:

* Mail to: FedLoan Servicing, P.O. Box 69184, Harrisburg, PA 17106-9184

* Or, fax to: 717-720-1628

Info on IRS Data Retrieval Tool for certifying income each year: 


Political Action News

Political Action Committee Meeting:

Friday, March 24; dinner and networking starts at 6, business starts at 7
Silver Lake Branch, 2411 Glendale Blvd, LA 90039
Join the Political Action Committee for a monthly planning meeting.  We will continue to discuss ways in which the Guild can support librarians and patrons in the current climate. Work has begun and more help is needed, so plan to be a part of the movement!
Please rsvp to so we can plan dinner accordingly.

Voting Guide (March 2017)

Dear Librarians,

Please click on the link below to view AFSCME Council 36’s endorsements for the upcoming March 7, 2017 Primary Elections.

As a side note, the Librarians’ Guild’s Executive Board has also officially endorsed Imelda Padilla for LAUSD School Board District 6.

Click here for Endorsements



Political Action Meeting: Feb. 24, 2017

Political Action News:

Are you feeling frustrated and alarmed due to recent political events?

Then join the new LG2626 Political Action Committee at its first meeting:

Friday, February 24, 7-9pm at AFSCME Council 36 (514 Shatto Place, LA 90020).

The goal of this initial meeting is to focus on the needs of our members in response to the current political environment. The assessment compiled at the November 2016 general membership meeting will be our starting point. We will strategize ways to support membership in their personal political responses, devise a framework for official Guild political communications, and determine criteria for partnerships with other labor and non-labor organizations.

Please rsvp to, and include any dietary needs.

Sincerely, Lisa Palombi, Vice-President of Political Action

Guild Update: Group Grievance etc.

Update on Group Grievance (Training Office):
Today, we met with Management to discuss our group grievance over management’s elimination of the Librarian III position in the Training Office. We (again) stated our position: that the removal of the L3 position downgrades the training office, sends the wrong message about the importance of training, and negatively impacts all librarians in their training and promotional opportunities.

Management asserted that the L3 position, itself, has not been eliminated–just reassigned to the Engagement and Learning Division (though not focused on training). Furthermore, they stated that the Senior Librarian in the Training Office (Gloria Grover) should assign training to the other Librarian III’s in the system.

We provided several examples of extensive projects that the Training Office’s former Librarian III completed, and pointed out several projects coming down the pipeline that would be extremely challenging to unload onto unsuspecting Librarian III’s in the branches and departments. We are thankful that Gloria provided these details at the meeting.

Management made note of this information and has twenty business days to provide a response. We will keep you posted.

By the way, we appreciate all the encouraging feedback we have received from you about this very issue.

Safety and Security at Central Library’s Computer Center:
We also requested that Management give serious consideration to authorizing around the clock security at Central Library’s Computer Center on Lower Level 3 due to ongoing safety concerns.  Recently, a violent patron damaged equipment, verbally abused staff, and injured security officers in the ensuing struggle.

Next Transfer Sheet:
We asked HR about plans for a transfer sheet at the end of January, and they communicated that there have been delays in the interview and hiring process for the Administrative Clerks. To be fair, the delays are not really coming from HR–problems always occur when arranging for large groups of people to interview, etc. So, the next transfer sheet will occur in February. February will also see the interview and promotional process for new Senior Librarians.


Henry and Roy

Membership Meeting January 27th

Featuring Special Program “Paycheck 101,” by Richard Kraus, Librarian III, Business and Economics: Richard shares everything you need to know about your multifaceted paycheck, salary steps/anniversary dates (as seen in our MOU), deferred comp, etc.
New Librarians: this session is not to be missed!

Friday, January 27, 2017
7:30 pm  (dinner provided at 6:30)
Council 36 HQ.
514 Shatto Place
Los Angeles, CA 90020

All librarians are welcome, including our Retirees, our Substitute Librarians, and library school attendees and graduates. Remember, only Librarians’ Guild members may make/vote on resolutions.

-President’s Report: Group Grievance for elimination of Librarian 3 position in Training Office; Final resolution of “paying out of pocket” for library supplies for programs; Health and Safety Update.
-Paycheck 101 (Richard Kraus
-New Business; Old Business

To reserve your supper and seat, email: GUILDRSVP@GMAIL.COM

List of future Membership Meetings:

Holiday Party at Los Feliz Branch

Dear Guild members and their families,

Please click on the link below for an invitation to our Holiday Party. The link will take you to a printable PDF.


Communicator Vol. 41 No. 2 (October 2016)

To download the October 2016 Communicator, please CLICK HERE.

(Note: this issue is a scanned facsimile, as the PDF is too large to upload to our website)

Highlights of Vol. 41, No. 2 include:

-Summary of 2016 AFSCME International Convention
-An interview with a Central Library bedbug
-A call to reject Charter Amendment RRR (so called DWP reform)
-Richard Kraus summarizes raises in our new MOU.