Communicator 2004

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Librarians’ Guild Communicator wins Award!

The Librarians’ Guild Communicator received 2004 awards from the International Labor Communications Association (ILCA).

Communicator Editor:
Sheila Nash
Phone: 213-228-7242 (Art, Music & Recreation)

Billie Connor-Dominguez
Phone: 213-228-7101 (Business & Economics)
Phone: 213-228-7201 (Science, Technology & Patents)

Associate and Contributing Editors:
Robert Anderson
Ivan Corpeno-Chavez
Helene Mochedlover
Roy Stone

Cheryl Funada
Iris Trigueros

Production and Design:
Julio Saravia

The Communicator is published bimonthly, with extra issues as needed. The Editors reserve the right to edit for form, space, and content.

Viewpoints expressed are not necessarily those of the Editorial Staff or the Executive Board. Unsigned articles are written by the Editorial Staff.


The COMMUNICATOR is distributed free-of-charge to all members, city officials, Library Commissioners and others. Retirees get one free year after their last workday and $15 every after that. For outside organizations and individuals the fee is $25 per year.