The Communicator is the award-winning newsletter of the Librarians’ Guild. First published December 1968 in traditional paper format, it was issued free-of-charge to all members, city officials, Library Commissioners and others.

The Communicator Volume 42, No. 1. July 2017

The Communicator Volume 41, No. 2. October 2016

The Communicator Volume 41, No. 1. July 2016

Archive of Past Issues (a work in progress)

Award-Winning 2004 Communicator Staff


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Communicator Editor-in-Chief
Joyce Cooper, Outreach & Programming

Associate and Contributing Editors:
Roy Stone
Henry Gambill
Wendy Westgate
Vi Ha
Erika Thibault

The Editors welcome submissions in all formats: articles, photography, cartoons, etc. Send submissions to Joyce Cooper.

The Editors reserve the right to edit for form, space, and content. Viewpoints expressed are not necessarily those of the Editorial Staff or the Executive Board. Unsigned articles are written by the Editorial Staff.