Health and Safety

Health, Safety & Welfare Chair

Phone: (323) 664-6418 (Cahuenga)

Duties of the Chairperson of the Health, Safety and Welfare Committee (from Article VII, Section 6 [Executive Board Members-at-Large] of the Librarians’ Guild Constitution):

There shall be elected three executive board members … one shall be chairperson of the Health and Safety and Welfare Committees, responsible for presenting the local union’s health and safety concerns to management.

Additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned by the president with the approval of the executive board.

The committee meets with the Business Manager and the Director of Human Resources.

The Committee provides an opportunity to raise issues with members of the Administration. If you are interested in attending this meeting either to present an issue or just to observe the process, please contact the, Health and Safety Chair. The meeting is on City time and the Guild will reimburse your parking fee if you are not on mileage.

Are there incidents at your agency or that you have heard about that you think the rest of the system should be aware of? Then email the Guild so we can address them.

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