Negotiations Update and July 1 Action

The Mayor & CAO want pay cuts and concessions:

In negotiations for our upcoming contract, Mayor Garcetti & CAO Santana are demanding the following from Librarians, Clerk Typists and Messenger Clerks:

1) Four year contract with zero salary increases.

2) Employees pay 10% toward health care premium.

3) Change 5 step salary promotion level to a 15 step plan. Each step worth 2.75% rather than the current 5%.

4) Reduce bonuses (e.g. acting senior, etc) to 2.75%, rather than 5%. Change some bonuses (like Bilingual) to a flat rate.

5) Drop the two-tier pension lawsuit (e.g. against the city for implementing, without negotiating, the new pension plan for employees hired after July 1, 2013.

6) Change overtime practices; reduce FMLA and Workers’ Comp benefits; plus many other delightful things.

If this is ok with you. Do nothing. If this is not ok, especially since the Coalition of LA City Unions has uncovered that the city gives away to Wall Street over $200 million dollars a year in banking fees (not interest: fees) we need your help:

Action: Coalition of LA City Unions Rally

When: Tuesday, July 1st. 9:30 AM

Where: City Hall and (later) City Council Chambers. 200 North Main Street. LA.


Lost Time Concerns? The Librarians’ Guild will pay for any lost time, mileage and parking fees if you come to this rally. Request a WF from your supervisor and say it is for union business. If you receive any resistance, contact Roy or Henry at

Sign Online Petition from FIX LA to make Wall Street Accountable: Sign this online petition ASAP requesting that the Mayor, CAO and City Council launch a public inquiry into Wall Street gauging of the City of LA. For some reason, the Mayor, CAO and City Council have zero interest in doing this when it was first brought to their attention…

Lastly: Read Council 36 President Alice Goff’s blog entry about this year’s rough contract negotiations and the need for all our solidarity.

Plus, everything you need to know about the FIX LA’s demand to the Mayor to stop his extreme policies of austerity, reinvest in people and services, cease Wall Street handouts, and end scapegoating of public employees.

Roy Stone & Henry Gambill

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