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Phone: 323-255-1863 (Northeast Area Office)

Guild Expense/Mileage Statement:

To be reimbursed by the Librarian’s Guild for lost time, mileage or other expenses, you must fill out a Guild Expense Statement and submit it with original receipts to the Treasurer (Credit Card Statements are not original receipts).

Download a 2018 expense statement here.

You may place mileage, parking, and expenses on a single form, but lost time must be on its own separate form.

Lost Time reimbursements must also come with a copy of the D-Time record.

Once you have filled out the form(s), you may send it it to the LG Treasurer, Kian Daizadeh.

If this is the first time you need reimbursement for lost time, you must also send the Treasurer a completed W-4 form. To download this form, go to the IRS site: